Foreign Journals

The library collection of the institute holds over 630 journals published abroad. Nearly all titles have been catalogued in electronic form (the catalogue of the Libraries of IH PAN) and information about them can also be obtained from the NUKAT Catalogue of Polish Research Libraries .

The Institute has access in its internal network to the full-text databases of foreign publications purchased by way of the nationwide subscription funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and made available through the Virtual Research Library (WBN).

Since 2015, through a consortium-based subscription, the institute has had access to the collection of journals published by Cambridge University Press (in the fields of humanities and social sciences; for a full list of titles and the chronological scope, see CUP HSS for 2018).

Instructions on access to the electronic resources of the Library (including the journals selected from the WBN and subscribed to by IH PAN) can be found in the Databases tab.

E-journals available in the Library of IH PAN in 2017

The following e-journals subscribed to by the Library of IH PAN have been available (in electronic form only) on the internal network on the premises of the Institute since 2017:
Historische Zeitschrift sygn. A.47
History and Memory sygn. C.212
Novaâ i Novejšaâ Istoriâ sygn. A.246
Saeculum sygn. A.54

The Website URLs of e-journals have been added to the descriptions in the catalogue of the Library since the purchase of the first issues for 2017.

Currently, the following journals are available in the Library of IH PAN:

History and Memory

Historische Zeitschrift

Novaâ i Novejšaâ Istoriâ (access is login- and password-protected; for details, please contact:

Saeculum: Jahrbuch für Universalgeschichte