Katalog ECTS – informacje

The Institute of History offers a 4-year PhD Programme. It is very much student-oriented, therefore special attention is paid to individual contact between the student and tutors who supervise but also support their student’s research.

The Programme has a long tradition and is one of the leading in the field in Poland. We offer various kinds of classes: seminars, tutorials, colloquiums (all were developed according to ECTS’ rules), but also lectures and promote active involvement of PhD students in academic life.

The academic year starts in October and ends in June. There is a group of basic courses and written assignments that all students are obliged to take, but they can also choose between additional classes that are on offer to put together (but with guidance from the head of the programme and his/her academic advisor) individual list of courses.

We offer access to the Institute research library and infrastructure, for example expert computer software. All classes are held in the same building where the library is located (i.e. Instutute’s seat in Rynek Starego Miasta).

During the Programme students are required to accumulate 45 ECTS points.

Head of the PhD Programme
dr hab. prof. IH PAN Krzysztof Kosiński
e-mail: krzysztof-kosinski@outlook.com

Secretary of the PhD Programme
dr Olga Linkiewicz
e-mail: ola.linkiewicz@ihpan.edu.pl


For more details please consult the link below: Programme