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Kwartalnik Historyczny [English: Historical Quarterly] is a journal of the Institute of History of Polish Academy of Sciences published in cooperation with the Polish Historical Society and distributed by Semper Scientific Publishers.

It is Poland’s oldest historical journal, founded by Xawery Liske in 1887. Thus far, 123 yearbooks of the journal have been released. The quarterly issues present articles on Polish and general history from the Middle Ages to recent events, as well as reviews of scholarly books dealing with this chronological range. The quality of publications is assured by the Editorial Committee composed of eminent historians from Poland and abroad, which meets on an annual basis (see the list of members with their affiliations available for download).

The contributions to each issue present the hitherto unpublished results of original research, which are selected in keeping with our strict peer review process (its description along with the review form and the lists of reviewers of recent issues is available for download). The editorial work on the journal is performed with the utmost care, and the same attitude is adopted regarding typography. Indexed by the European Science Foundation (within the framework of the European Reference Index for Humanities: ERIH and ERIH Plus), it is also recognised as such by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland (the ‘B’ list). Under the Polish system, with every scholarly article published in our quarterly its author earns 11 points for evaluation of their academic work.

In 2013–2014, the publication of the journal was supported by 120 ad hoc reviewers appointed according to the subject matter of the article (in large part these were external reviewers, as stipulated in the communiqué of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of 29 May 2013 on the criteria and procedure for evaluating scientific journals). In 2015, the journal benefited from the support of 54 reviewers, 90.7% of whom were external reviewers, while 14.8% of the total number of reviewers were from outside Poland. In 2016, 48 reviewers reviewed articles for publication, with as many as 88% of those being external reviewers. The editorial team wish to express their gratitude to all who were involved in the process.

Texts for the ‘Historical Quarterly’ can be submitted to: It is recommended to deliver two printed copies of the article by traditional mail to our address. The editorial office does not return unsolicited texts.

The editorial staff appreciates the effort made by authors in making their texts comply with the editorial guidelines of the journal (current version: KH 2, 2016, to be downloaded from the journal’s website) and in using the abbreviations from the list provided and the rules for the transliteration of Slavonic languages written in the Cyrillic script included therein. Accepted contributions need to be supplied with a bibliography and five keywords.

The length of the submitted contributions must not exceed 80,000 characters including spaces and footnotes (this refers to articles, reviews articles, research reports) or 14,400 characters, including spaces and footnotes, in the case of book reviews.

Please note that we do not publish reviews of scholarly books published in translation or popular science books. The reviews to be published in the Historical Quarterly may only deal with the original language editions. Research articles (including review articles) and research reports should be provided with a title informing about the subject matter of the article, a summary of up to 1,800 characters in Polish or English and an abstract of up to 600 characters to introduce the reader to the subject matter of the text.

The authors are expected to attach to the proposed research article, review article and book review alike a ‘Declaration of the originality of the publication’, which serves to prevent the prohibited practices of guest authorship and ghostwriting and to indicate the sources of research funding (to be downloaded in Polish or English on the journal’s website).

The year 2014 saw the publication of the first English-language issue of the journal (Special Issue). The issue is available online in PDF format (it can be downloaded free of charge in its entirety). Further English-language issues are currently being prepared.

The contents of the issues published between 1953 and 2016 (vols. 60–123) are available to all users of the Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes ( without restrictions. The issues of the quarterly that appeared in the current year are available in open access on the academic journal platform. Printed current and past issues are available for purchase at


PL ISSN 0023-5903
e-ISSN 2451-1315


Editorial Committee:
Dániel Bagi, Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski (deputy editor; thematic editor for the 18th century), Stanisław Bylina, Dorota Dukwicz, Jerzy Dygdała, Marian Dygo, Jerzy Eisler (deputy editor; thematic editor for the 20th century), Yaroslav Hrytsak, Magdalena Hułas, Maciej Janowski (deputy editor; thematic editor for the 19th century), Tomasz Jurek, Bartosz Kaliski (secretary), Tomasz Kizwalter, Satoshi Koyama, Wojciech Kriegseisen, Roman Michałowski (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF; thematic editor for the Middle Ages), Krzysztof Mikulski, Michael G. Müller, Boris V. Nosov, Andrzej Nowak, Edward Opaliński (deputy editor; thematic editor for the 16th and 17th centuries), Henryk Samsonowicz, Jerzy Strzelczyk, Philipp Ther, Jacek Wijaczka.

Editorial assistant: Monika Jusupović

Editing of Polish texts: Małgorzata Świerzyńska


Kwartalnik Historyczny
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