Since 2015 The Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History PAS participates in the ERASMUS+ Programme. We are looking forward to welcoming both doctoral students and staff from other higher education institutions from partner countries to join our community.

About student mobility:
IH PAS, one of the leading research institution in Poland, offers 3rd cycle (doctoral) degree programme in history. In accordance to the regulation by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education it comprises 45 ECTS of courses and supervised writing assignments. The Institute was one of the first of PAS’s Institutes to introduce the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System as a tool for designing study programme.

IH PAS offers majority of courses in the PhD programme in Polish, but some of those courses can be though in English if required. As the doctoral programme is highly student-oriented it includes a number of tutorials with individually selected tutors and writing assignments supervised by members of IH PAS academic staff. Those can be held or prepared in other languages than Polish.

The Institute regularly publishes the Course Catalogue. The transparent system of allocation, based on student’s workload, was used for designing all courses offered, and one ECTS credit point equals 30 hours.

The academic year in IH PAS starts in October and ends in June. The incoming students can also between classes that are on offer to put together (with guidance from the head of the programme and his/her academic advisor) individual list of courses that suit best their needs. It is obligatory for all 1st and 2nd year students to present at least one essay.

ECTS Catalogue link

About academic staff mobility:
IH PAS encourages staff mobility on different levels and in different ways. A lot of attention is being paid to exchange of good practices and improvement of teaching skills, therefore we do look forward to welcoming incoming academic staff members from other HEIs who would be interested in working with our students and sharing their experience we our employees.

Both students and staff members from HEIs from partner countries who are interested in visiting IH PAS within the Erasmus+ Programme are welcome to contact Erasmus coordinator, Dr Anna Kalinowska: