Doctoral candidates can apply for stipends, research grants and scholarships as part of exchanges between academies of science (from Belarus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary) and in the Erasmus+ programme.

The Director of the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences awards doctoral scholarships at an application made by the doctoral candidate, following an opinion by the doctoral committee (cf. §5 of the Doctoral Studies Regulations).

Scholarships from the Financial Support Fund (FPM) are awarded to a doctoral candidate’s application by the scholarship committee, which is composed of employees of the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Doctoral Candidates Council. FPM scholarships include stipends for top doctoral candidates, social grants and special assistance grants. The applicant should be familiar with the terms and regulations of FPM and deliver the required documentation to the Doctoral Studies administration division (room 43). The deadline for a call for applications is determined on a year-by-year basis and announced on the website.

Each year, the Institute awards Ryszard Kiersnowski scholarship for the best doctoral candidate.

The Institute is the co-organiser of the Krystyna Kersten doctoral scholarship competition for the best doctoral candidate specialising in modern history.

Doctoral candidates may also be granted funds for projects (search queries, conference trips) as part of the Internal Competition for the Support of Research Activities.